Believed to be the only picture in existence of the great bull. Born in 1957, no semen was ever collected. Identified as a dominant carrier of the carcass quality genes, his transference of the genes is one of the most prolific recorded, and the Redrock breeding program stems from the concentration of his genes. Redrock has semen in two of his finest sons.

Roman Invasion
Roman Invasion

Possibly the best son of Michael. A great bull breeder, but his females possessed the engine room for change. As dominant carriers of the carcass quality genes his females offer the opportunity to stack the pedigree from the bottom line. Great skin and hair on this bull, phenotypic traits indicative of the carcass quality genes.

Chocolate Soldier_edited-1
Chocolate Soldier

By Michael and out of the grand matron Boadicea, a full brother to Roman Invasion, his females offer a link to the immortal Boadicea, we believe a stronger one than through the female line itself. He is used to access the original cow directly.

Mesa 1
Mesa Grandee

The bull that changed the size and muscle configuration of the carcass. A true immortal, and one of the most dominant beef bulls in history. A prepotent sire he possesses a unique combination of the carcass quality genes on both sides of his pedigree, is a true bull  breeder and quite possibly rivals his grand sire, the great Michael, as the best ever. His genetic combination and pure genetic domination is unparalleled. He is the essence of our breeding program.

Grasshopper edited 2

By Mesa Grandee and out of the Agricola line, we believe he is the top carcass quality gene carrier by Mesa Grandee. A magnificent carcass type and muscle pattern, he possesses yield, efficiency and quality, a rare treble. His dam line has been identified as in the top two female lines, and his dam is the original dominant cow of the family.


By Mesa Grandee and out of the Amethyst line, he is a different type of Mesa Grandee son. A massive bull with power and presence, a later maturing carcass and longer muscle fibre. We believe the Amethysts to be the top dam line and their dominance from the bottom of the pedigree is as strong as the top line. His dam was the leading cow of the family.

Grand Slam

By Mesa Grandee he is a medium maturity type with great muscle pattern, skin and hair. We are utilizing him from the bottom line and his females are milky and soft yet retain the ability to pass on the muscle type, reflective of the carcass quality genes, to their progeny.

Elation colour_edited-4

By Grand Slam and a grandson of Mesa Grandee he had an official Melbourne Royal weight of 1208kg when he was the Supreme Interbreed bull, won by the highest majority of number 1 votes ever. A true giant, he has retained his carcass quality genes  whilst offering extra growth and production. Both a bull and female breeder he gives us the luxury as an all rounder in our program.

Inspiration colour

By Elation, he is a true heavyweight weighing in at 680kg at 13 months at Melbourne Royal. High production in this bull with a terrific carcass. A different hair type yet breeds softness, a true bull breeder. We have a full sister to him and she possesses great power and strength whilst retaining femininity and we are utilizing her from the bottom line in our program.

Extra Special 3_edited-1
Extra Special

By Inspiration and out of the Amethyst line. One of the best front quarter bulls I have seen. His length and extension through the front is no coincidence, the Amethysts are the leading family and he is stacked heavily on both sides for power and strength, yet his females are outstanding and real breeders. A bull we will be utilizing through the bottom.


A long thick rugged bull, yet retained extension in the front. Very soft skin and hair type, a true female breeder. He offers a unique line. Through the top his grand sire (Diablo) was an exceptional bull but unfortunately died young, and through the bottom he has a double cross of  Snowman by the great Caeser (full brother to Roman Invasion and Chocolate Soldier). A bull which has a lot to offer our breeding program and all of our top dam lines have been flushed to him.


A very impressive bull, the only bull to win three Junior Championships at Royal Shows. His softness and exceptional extension through the neck and front quarter are passed on to his females, a very correct bull. Out of a Grand Slam female (Dawn) and by an Amigo son he possesses the carcass quality genes on both sides of the pedigree. Utilised through the bottom, his females are refined, correct and soft. A very “safe” bull. His full sister is in our program and we are injecting her through the top.

Mustang colour_edited-1

A fleshy bull with quality carcass and softness right through. His females are strong through the spine and have loads of milk. A lot of capacity in this bull and for his size carried a lot of weight (2386 lbs). An honest bull and very predictable, breeding true and consistent. Flat boned, soft skin and fine hair all reflective of the carcass quality genes.


Great length and strength through the spine, he carries his thickness right through with good bone and softness. He offers plenty through the bottom and gives us diversity on type. Set up nicely in the pedigree with a double cross of Missouri we think we can use this bull through both the top and the bottom.


Out of the original Linda, and the top bull of the family. A great female breeder and he passes on the qualities of softness, doing ability and milk from his famous dam. Although a dominant and successful female breeder, we are selectively breeding him with some of our purposefully bred females of power and strength to breed a sire from this bull and introduce him through the top.


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Our genetic program is quite complex yet refined. The selection basis is focused on carcass quality and the genetics which have been identified as carriers of these genes. Diversification of the gene pool, whilst retaining the desirable genes, involves a large but concentrated base and Redrock genetics is the largest yet most concentrated source of these genes.

Other sires we are systematically integrating into our genetic program include :

MISSOURI : (Mesa Grandee x Agricola 5th)
MESA SUPREME : (Mesa Grandee x Amethyst 18th)
FREETOWN : (Mesa Grandee x Freesia 5th)
WAR BONNETT : (Mesa Grandee x Waterlily 4th)
CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE : (Mesa Grandee x Princess 2nd)
MOONSTONE : (Mesa Grandee x Moonflower 8th)
WATERGATE : (Mesa Grandee x Waterlily 7th)
ELDORADO : (Missouri x Kambala)
ALCATRAZ : (Arizona x Lady Manhatten)
SILVER MESA : (Arizona x Butterfly 2nd)
MIKADO : (Mesa Supreme x Marion 5th)
TOTAL MAN : (Greyboy x Waterlily 8th)
SKY HIGH : (Total Man x Glynis 587)
KEITH : (Caesar x Topaz 3rd)
GOLD RUSH : (Caesar x Apricot)
NIGHTOUT : (Monday B Monday x Lotus 3rd)
AMIGO : (Monday B Monday x Agricola 16th)
ACADEMY : (Nightout x Agricola 6th)
GOLDEN LOGIE : (Nightout x Moonflower 18th)
GOLDEN WATER : (Golden Logie x Waterlily 24th)
SADAIR : (Goldenwater x Songster 603)
LIGHTNING RIDGE : (Chocolate Soldier x Greygirl 2nd)
COMMANDER : (Wattlebark x Sarah 20th)
MUSTANG MESA : (Mustang x Northern Star 2nd)
STARLIGHT : (Mustang x Songster 578)
AMADEUS : (Mustang Mesa x Princess 6th)
SHOGUN : (Elation x Moonflower 29th)
SHOGUN 7th : (Shogun x Amethyst 78th)
GREYBLOKE : (Shogun x Agricola 40th)
GREYCLOTH : (Greybloke x Pleasure 601)
REFLECTION : (Inspiration x Waterlily 3rd)
FUTURISTIC : (Inspiration x Amethyst 85th)
EGYPTIAN : (Inspiration x Waterlily 3rd)
STUD 1932 : (Futuristic x Moonflower 54th)
JEFFERSON : (Ghostbuster x Fiona 4th)

……and many others.

Mesa Grandee
Mesa Supreme at 14 months_edited-1
Mesa Supreme
Watergate and Freetown_edited-3
Watergate and Freetown
Under renowned Judge Don Anderson
Lightening Ridge colour_edited-1
Lightning Ridge