Dry Matter
Crude Protein
Mj/Kg DM
90.0 14.0 12.5 6.0 23.3

Ingredients :
Cereal grains and products (Wheat, Barley, Bran and Pollard), Vegetable Protein (Canola meal), Calcium Carbonate (Limestone), Magnesium Oxide, Salt, Buffer (Acid Buf), Bovatec 200, Trace minerals and vitamins.

Sheep nuts are a grain based pellet (large 8mm diameter) designed for safe energy and protein supplementation of mature sheep on limited pasture. It is formulated to maintain condition with extra protein and energy during periods of feed shortage and during pregnancy/lactation in ewes. It is to be fed in conjunction with the consumption of fibre forage such as mature pasture, cereal hay or straw.

Features and benefits :

  • These nuts include a specific sheep mineral and vitamin premix.
  • They include Bovatec as a rumen modifier for improved gains and conversion efficiency.
  • Contains Acid Buf as a buffer to aid in the prevention of rumen acidosis (grain poisoning).

Feeding Recommendations :
As all feeding systems and requirements are different, it is recommended you seek the advice of a nutritionist to best develop a suitable feeding program for your requirements and feeding rations. Sheep nuts are designed to supplement the diet of sheep at a feeding rate of 0.5 – 1.0kg per day. They must be fed in conjunction with fibre forages such as cereal hay or straw. Controlled and gradual introduction is important. As an introduction, feed small controlled amounts (about 0.2% of body weight per animal per day), and slowly increase the amount over 10 days to 1.0kg/head/day. Give special attention to controlling the introduction of nuts to excessively hungry or drought affected stock. Ensure that clean fresh water is available.

Storage :
Store in a cool dry place away from vermin.

* Nutritional values are a guide and average values only. Values will vary dependent on genetics, environment, management systems, storage and climatic conditions.

 This product contains 30ppm Lasalocid sodium (Bovatec). Witholding period for sheep meat:nil. Do not use in lactating ewes where milk or milk products may be used for human consumption. Not to be fed to horses or other equine species. This product does not contain urea and does not contain restricted animal material.