Dry Matter% Crude Protein% MEMj/Kg DM Fat%DM NDF%DM Starch%DM
90.0 11.0 14.0 10.0 15.0 56.0

Hominy is the by-product of the dry maize milling process. It can contain a ground mixture of corn bran, germ and starchy portions of the kernel resulting from the production of de-germed corn meal for human consumption. It is similar in appearance to ground corn, has slightly more energy and protein, and has similar feeding characteristics.

Features and benefits :

  • Redrock Hominy is high in energy (14%) and oil (10%).
  • Redrock Hominy is very palatable and livestock take to it readily.
  • Redrock Hominy has higher protein levels than corn grain.

Feeding Recommendations :

As all feeding systems and requirements are different, it is recommended you seek the advice of a nutritionist to best develop a suitable feeding program for your requirements and feeding rations. Redrock Hominy should be introduced into a diet over a 2 week period and animals monitored. Levels of 50 percent or more of the concentrate mix have been used successfully in cattle rations. In complete feedlot rations, as high as 70 percent has been fed successfully but a 10 to 15 percent level is more common. Fat content of Redrock Hominy feed may range between 5 to 12 percent. If the ration has other fat containing feeds such as whole soybeans or whole cottonseed, then it may be necessary to limit the quantity of Redrock Hominy fed to avoid high levels of added fat in the total ration.

Storage :

Redrock Hominy should be stored in a dry ventilated area, free from vermin and contamination. It is not recommended to store Hominy in a silo due to its high oil content it can become stuck inside.

* Nutritional values are a guide and average values only. Values will vary dependent on genetics, environment,

management systems, storage and climatic conditions.