Redrock Haulage specialises in the transportation of commodities, grains, feedstuff by products, stockfeed and consumer goods to leading manufacturers, primary producers, production facilities and retailers throughout Australia.

As a result of combining the industry’s most advanced technologies with exceptional dedication to its clients, employees and industry regulations our business is much more than merely loading, transporting and unloading a range of goods and commodities. It’s about putting raw materials into production lines, products into homes, food onto tables and smiles onto faces.

Working with our customers, the Redrock team creates value by finding smarter ways to manage end-to-end relationships, product movements and information flows across customer operations, from suppliers, through to their end customers.

Redrock is dedicated to supply chain solutions that includes a diverse mix of analysis to specialise in supply chain modelling, networking, warehousing, and freight planning and management.

By optimising technologies with best practices in operating processes, warehouse management and systems and materials handling we provide customers with the following benefits:

  • lower operating costs
  • more reliable service delivery
  • more productive transport
  • more efficient warehouse operations
  • more effectively managed inventories.

We are constantly recognising innovation and implementing new technologies. We are streamlining distribution interfaces and eliminating waste. We are developing increasingly efficient and costeffective processes, protocols and work methods. And we are embracing our role as an environmentally and socially responsible corporate citizen.

It’s all about maintaining our position as a nationally recognised transport and distribution company – one that meets best practice in efficiency of operations, while also delivering unsurpassed customer service.

Redrock Corporation is dedicated to quality assurance and an active member and participant of the Grain Transport Code of Practice.
To read more please visit our Quality Assurance and Grain Transport Code of Practice pages.

Redrock is strategically situated at Goulburn, New South Wales, and in the centre of the Sydney – Riverina – Hunter Valley triangle.