The leading dam line and most prepotent family to carry the carcass quality genes. Superior bull breeders, strong feminine females, this dam line has attained a dominance seen by no other family. Utilised on both sides of the pedigree, we are ultimately targeting the original dominant cow (dam of Amarillo). It is by no coincidence that the most prolific representatives of our sire battery are out of this line. One of the “original” 8 female lines identified as carcass quality gene carriers and of the foundation females of 1905.


Possibly the most successful dam line in show history, females from this line have won broad ribbons at every Royal Show in Australia. This line was the first of the “big” cows and some of the largest females I have seen are from this family. A traditional female breeding line, injected from the bottom. We are also utilising the top bull from the family “Highwayman”.

Princess 6a_edited-1

The epitome of the perfect female. Refined yet powerful. She has extreme extension through the front quarter, powerful head yet retains femininity. Great skin on this female and fine hair type indicative of the carcass quality genes. Quite possibly the best “typed” female I have seen. She is the dam of Amadeus, whom is a major contributor to the breeding program. One of the “original” 8 female lines identified as carcass quality gene carriers and of the foundation females of 1905.


A magnificent female, she proved to be the most fertile female in our assisted reproduction programs. A powerful line that breeds power yet retains femininity and functionality. Quite refined through the front and wedges out to great capacity and pin width. A soft eye and broad muzzle on this female with a great temperament. Plenty of milk in this cow. She is both a female and bull breeder.


A very feminine and functional line, which breed true to type. The real strength lies in the bottom line for this family and we believe they will reinforce gene expression in the “gaps” of generational breeding.


A magnificent line, rated second only to the Amethyst. This line has bred some exceptional sires which continue to breed on. A strong powerful line, they are feminine but pack some punch. Injected through both sides of the pedigree, they offer genuine strength and power and their dominance of gene transference is quite outstanding. One of the “original” 8 female lines identified as carcass quality gene carriers and of the foundation females of 1905.


Another iconic dam line, the dam line of Mesa Grandee. They are true bull breeders and have continued to produce quality for over 100 years. They offer flexibility on both sides of the pedigree and are very sound. Producing soft females and rugged bulls which gives the breeding program tremendous diversity and range. Dominant carriers of the carcass quality genes. One of the “original” 8 female lines identified as carcass quality gene carriers and of the foundation females of 1905.


A great dam line, true dominant female breeders, they are very consistent and give strength and security through the bottom. Great heads and neck extension in this line which follows through to pin width and plenty of milk, a genuine maternal line. A lot of substance and reliability in this line. One of the “original” 8 female lines identified as carcass quality gene carriers and of the foundation females of 1905.


A full sister to “Hercules”, this line offers the softness and hair type linked to the carcass quality genes. Very feminine, both bull and female breeders and utilised on both sides of the pedigree. A well structured line with plenty of extension through the front, great constitution and balance, they offer a slightly different type which is reflective of genotype and our recognition of diversity.


A strong flat bone type in this female, a characteristic indicative of carcass quality. A powerful head and extreme length through the barrel which transfers to the pelvic cavity, the width of this female is astonishing yet she retained femininity. A lot of weight in this cow with some very powerful genetics behind her. A lot of quality in the carcass. A true bull breeding line we are also using the females to inject power through the bottom.

Grace 160 .2_edited-4

Great head, muzzle and extension through the front in this line, great spring of rib and extreme width behind with soft skin and hair. Length and capacity are what impresses most with this line, their dominance lay through the bottom line.

Andrea T7_edited-1

Big females in this line with strong flat bone. They have retained softness. Although a different type, they posses a slightly different expression of carcass quality and their carcass offers extra marbling. Due to their extra softness, this is indicative of their doing ability and ability to lay fat between the muscle fibre. A very exciting line which is a valued participant in the evolution of the carcass quality genes.

Linda 707 Melb_edited-1
Linda K707

An amazing female, the only female to win Junior Championships at three Royal Shows. She has bred outstanding bulls and females, rivalling her legendary dam and immortal grand dam. She has taken the family to a new level of growth and performance. Utilising her through both the top and the bottom.


A very strong line, true bull breeders with strength and power. Injected through the top, they also provide us with rugged strength on the bottom for our dam line sires. They have stood the test of time and their consistency and reliability over 100 years is testament to their quality. One of the “original” 8 female lines identified as carcass quality gene carriers and of the foundation females of 1905.

Roberta 621 Melb_edited-1

A high performing line with softness, femininity and milk. Predominantly a bottom line breeder, they are safe and consistent breeders which really “stamp” their mark on their progeny. A genetically dominant dam line and through careful breeding we plan to introduce them into the top to capitalise on their dominance of gene expression.

Linda 641_edited-1
Linda 641

By Inspiration and out of Linda K707 she was one of the largest females I have seen. Tremendous power and strength in this cow, both a bull and female breeder, will be utilized on both the top and bottom lines.


A relatively new line, offering a different type and constitution, plenty of volume and capacity in this line. We identified the need for diversity in type which is relative to gene diversity within a line. Used through the bottom, ultimately we plan to breed a sire from this line and introduce them to the top line.


A new addition to our “engine room”. Her bottom line has a double cross of “Snowman”, which we have targeted to inject into the breeding program, while her top line offers an out cross through the very top whilst retaining our desirable genetics through the sire line bottom. A very long soft female with tremendous flat bone, clean through the front and a great muzzle.

Powerful, feminine and functional are adjectives which best describe the Redrock dam lines. Phenotypic traits such as head and muzzle width, neck extension, soft skin and hair, bone type and pelvic width are physical characteristics which have been associated with the carcass quality genes. The Redrock females are strong yet feminine, a result of quality genetics, selective breeding and the identification of aesthetic traits which are reflective of the carcass quality genes. The ability to breed to type, and, identify and relate form to function, is the underlying foundation of the Redrock “engine room”.

Other dams we are systematically integrating into our genetic program include :

GREYGOWN 40th : (Elation x Greygown 7th) – Full sister to Inspiration
MOONFLOWER 54th : (Nightout x Moonflower 29th) – Dam of Stud 1932
KAMBALA 372 : (Shogun 7th x Kambala 4th) – Direct link to the Original
KAMBALA S11 : (Greyfella x Kambala 372) – A big strong powerful cow
ROBERTA 10th : (Equalizer x Roberta 7th) – A tall, long and soft cow, great maternal genetics
PLEASURE 601 : (Mustang x Pleasure 9th) – Dam of Greycloth
AGRICOLA 40th : (Mustang x Agricola 9th) – Dam of Greybloke
AGRICOLA 47th : (Golden Water x Agricola 40th) – Dam of Mesa El Paso
MANDY 5th : (Count x Mandy 2nd) – Dam of Superstar
ELSA’S DREAM M59 : ( Jefferson x Elsa’s Dream 8th) – Great muscle pattern in this line
ANNE 7th : (Hercules x Anne 13th) – Very feminine, direct and close link to foundation
BARBARA M38 : (Hercules x Barbara 4th) – Fantastic carcass line
LINDA P29 : (Reflection x Linda K707) – Full sister to Phoenix
CLEOPATRA K729 : (Starlight x Cleopatra 37th) – Full sister to Cleopatra K742
AMETHYST 112th : (Edward x Amethyst 86th) – Out of the great Amethyst 86th
LOTUS Q11 : (Edward x Lotus 32nd) – Maternal sister to Mesa Grandee

Some of the Redrock dam lines have over 100 years of continuous dam line breeding behind them, consisting of some 30 generations going back to the original cows which first expressed the precious carcass quality genes in 1905.

Those cows consisted of 8 families – Amethyst, Agricola, Boadicea, Cleopatra, Freesia, Lotus, Princess and Waterlily. Redrock has developed 6 of those 8 families through the dam lines (Amethyst, Agricola, Cleopatra, Lotus, Princess and Waterlily). While the other 2 (Boadicea and Freesia) are accessed through the sire lines. The Redrock genetic philosophy, principles and breeding program is intrinsically entwined with the depth of breeding and the genetic strength of over a century of selective breeding…and natures gift.


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Kambala (b. 1977)
Descendant of the original Kambala
Moonflower 54th_edited-1
Moonflower 54th (b. 1981)
Descendant of the original Moonflower.
Pictured with Stud 1932 at foot.
Linda 5th_edited-1
Linda 5th (b. 1977)
Descendant of the original Linda
Anne 4th (b. 1966)
Descendant of the original Anne