Beef Genetics

Redrock genetics are unique variants – variants are organisms that differ in a particular character. In this instance the genetic combination of carcass quality genes. How do genetic variants arise? Organisms have an inherent tendency to undergo change from one hereditary state to another. This process is called mutation. There are two recognisable basic levels of mutation :

  1. Gene mutation : A gene can mutate from one allelic form to another. Such a change occurs at or within a single gene.
  2. Chromosome mutation : Segments of chromosomes, whole chromosomes or even entire sets of chromosomes may be involved in genetic change, and this process is collectively called chromosome mutation. Gene mutation is not necessarily involved in such a process; the effects of chromosome mutation are due more to the new arrangements of chromosomes and of the genes they contain.

This forward mutation event occurred in 1905 in a very select few individuals.

Redrock genetics has designed selective systems techniques of detection, to facilitate identifying the desired mutant types from among the rest of the population, and applied a systematic breeding program to concentrate the transmission and dominance of the desired genes and chromosomes. Effectively, in their initial expression, the special mutant “carcass quality” genes were recessive, however, Redrock has succeeded in the carcass quality genes now being dominant within the Redrock program. Redrock genetics primarily carry a “silver” gene for coat colour, this is of no coincidence, as we have identified a relationship between this gene and the carcass quality genes. Not yet entirely understood, but the two are inter connected and combine collaboratively in their transference and expression. We believe they are linked.

Redrock genetics is focused on a carcass quality beef breeding program. A Product of Australia and Made in Australia. Redrock beef is unique, its evolution and development the result of over a century of dedicated and focused breeding. We do not sell bulls, we are in the business of producing the best quality beef. Redrock only keep replacement sires which have been identified as carcass quality gene carriers and of superior standard for the production and efficiency traits, to integrate into the herd. Redrock genetics carry the carcass quality and silver coat colour genes making them ideal for both open range and feedlot operations, the silver coat reflects the suns rays reducing heat stress and losses and facilitates a comfortable and animal friendly environment. Redrock genetics, have ascertained a herd free of inherited genetic disorders. Congenital defects are detrimental to successful development and evolution of superior genetic lines. Our “clean genes” program is a result of their uniqueness, closed herd status, and DNA testing.

Redrock believes the “engine room” of a breeding program lies within it’s maternal base. True genetic transference, expression and potency is ultimately delivered from the bottom line. After a lifetime of research, analysis and visual appraisal we have successfully identified and developed the maternal lines which possess and achieve the results we require.
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The Redrock sire battery is extensive. As a consequence of some identified dam lines not being accessable or better utilised through the top line, we have accessed them via the sire line. As a result, we will incorporate sires on different levels within the breeding program. Some sires are used as sire line bulls while others are used as dam line bulls. Ultimately we aim to populate the gene pool with the desirable carcass quality genes on both sides of the pedigree and dominate their expression. However, it’s not just about “stacking the pedigree” some genes are generational in their expression and for this reason we will systematically populate the pedigree generationally with both sires and dams.
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Our target market is the beef consumer. Through the Redrock Stockfeed arm of the company, we have had a lot of experience and exposure to all types of feedstuffs, including commodities, by-products and alternative products. This has lead Redrock to the development of a specialised feed product formulated from a combination of all the above, which complements and enhances the genetic combination and expression that Redrock beef has been bred for. Not only is Redrock beef bred for superior taste, it is fed for superior taste, and through our affiliation with feedlot and abattoir, we supply the top end restaurant and butcher trade with the best quality beef which delivers a superior eating experience for the consumer every time.

Consistency of quality is our objective.

We do not chase trends, fads, the latest bulls or Breedplan. Selection is based entirely on DNA identified gene carriers, phenotypic assessment, and real production and efficiency traits and data.
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Due to the specific genes we have identified becoming rare and to the point of extinction within the beef gene pool, Redrock genetics has effectively become a closed herd, relying on over 100 years of breeding, experience and an extensive embryo and semen bank to populate and develop our gene pool. Redrock genetics are quite unique and have an amazing history over the past 100 years.
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Redrock genetics are endorsed by Mike Traynor. Mike has had over 50 years experience in the carcass industry and is Australia’s leading carcass and appraisal judge, having officiated at many of Australia’s leading steer and carcass competitions, including Royal Shows and National Steer and Carcass competitions.
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