Dry Matter
Crude Protein
Mj/Kg DM
90.0 6.0 10.0 3.6 33.9 1.8

After the Almond harvest the hull or husk is mechanically removed from the almond kernel. It should be noted that the hull and shell are separate items, hull being the outer leathery flesh containing the nutritional value for livestock, particularly ruminants.

Features and benefits :

  • Hammer milling increases the density, giving a positive effect on freight.
  • Research has shown that the nutritive or energy value of average hulls is equivalent to early and mid bloom Lucerne hay and about 70% the value of barley on an energy basis.
  • Almond Hulls are also a good source of digestible fibre and sugars.
  • Almond Hulls can also be added when making silage, as a stretcher and to avoid nutrient run off.
  • A cost effective stock feed, generally cheaper per mega joule of energy than alternative stock supplements.

Feeding Recommendations :
As all feeding systems and requirements are different, it is recommended you seek the advice of a nutritionist to best develop a suitable feeding program for your requirements and feeding rations. Almond hull/shell is fed largely to Dairy cattle, as part of a complete ration. Dairy farmers using Almond Hulls report that almond hull/shell are readily accepted by the animal, with little change to eating patterns on introduction. The volume inclusion will vary, dependent upon required diet specification and other available ingredients. Almond hull/shell is a safe, palatable feed, that can be fed alone to supply energy and fibre and are able to balance low fibre, high grain or lush pasture intake.

Storage :
Almond Hulls will store for extended periods in its unmilled form, with little to nil effect to its nutritional makeup. There is a threat in storing the almond hull piles, which is the potential of them catching fire. If the almond hulls get moisture they can catch fire.

* Nutritional values are a guide and average values only. Values will vary dependent on genetics, environment, management systems, storage and climatic conditions.