About Us

Redrock Corporation is a multi faceted innovative company integrating Stockfeed, Beef Genetics and Transport with passion, practicality and real experience. We are a professional, realistic company delivering a complete package. We pride ourselves on our commitment to service and quality.

Redrock Corporation is 100% Australian Owned. With the Tetley family having almost 200 years of involvement in the brewing and livestock industries.

There are three core structures to the Redrock Corporation organisation:

  • Stockfeed: Redrock Corporation are suppliers and traders of a range of commodities/grains, by products and alternative feedstuffs for manufacturing, stockfeed and human consumption. We have also developed a unique feed pellet for cattle specifically aimed at high production and efficiency, and this has been utilised in our own beef program as well as commercially.
  • Beef Genetics: Redrock Corporation has an extensive beef production system where we have successfully identified the gene carriers for the carcass quality genes. Through DNA technology and assisted reproduction techniques we have developed a superior eating quality carcass in our cattle. We produce a superior eating quality beef and supply the restaurant and top end butcher trade. Our beef is not only bred for quality but is also fed for quality with our specially formulated pellet specifically designed for this market.
  • Haulage: Redrock Corporation has a transport arm which consists of a number of trucks, including truck and dog combinations, rigids and prime mover. This side of the business allows us to deliver our products consistently with reliable service.

The Tetley family had its origins in England over two centuries ago and has since developed a unique and colourful history. From brewing beer in Leeds to growing wool in Araluen, to breeding superior eating quality beef, the Tetley family has been committed, to not only the industries it has been involved in, but also the people whom forge a living from these industries.
To read more about our family history or some articles of interest please visit our “Family History” page and “Articles” page.